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A well known interdisciplinary artist, theatre set and costume designer with extensive experience
in both the scenography and costume design for contemporary theatre, expositions and immersive spaces, as well as art book’s design and illustrations.

Curator of the postgraduate course Scenography in the British Higher School of Art and Design.


As a scenographer known for an integral approach to the visual and performing arts working with recognized international directors and choreographers such as Yury Posokhov, Ivan Vyrypaev, Volker Schmidt, Marina Brusnikina, Yury Kvyatkovsky, Tatiana Chizhikova, Dina Khusein. The production are staged in theaters such as The Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko Music Theatre, Bolshoi Theatre, Chekhov Moscow Art Theatre, Theatre of Nations.
Gold Medal of the Prague Quadrennial, 2015  ///  Golden Mask Award’s winner as the Best Theatre Artist of Drama, 2021 for “Zanos” by Vladimir Sorokin and multiple Golden Mask Award’s nominee  ///
Winner of Breakthrough Award (Proryv) as Best Theatre Artist, 2014 / Sergei Kuryokhin Grand Prize, 2009  ///  
BookILL Fest’s Special Prize, 2016 / Winner of the International CJ Book Festival, 2011
The artist's works are in the collections of the Museum of Fine Arts, Kaliningrad 2020


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