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Premier: October 2017 / Goncharov-Filippov mansion - Troyka Multispace (Moscow)

Queen of Spades is the first classical opera to be staged in a fully immersive format, complete with gorgeous costumes, breathtaking lighting, and lavish multimedia elements. Viewers will plunge into the world of illusion conjured by Alexander Pushkin in his famous tale and set to music by the incomparable Peter Tchaikovsky. Only 54 guests will be admitted to each performance, the number of cards in a deck.

The venue, the historic Goncharov-Filippov mansion, witnessed many a card game played by Pushkin’s wife’s grandfather. The mansion will ring with live music performed by soloist from leading Moscow theaters, backed by thirty-musician chorus and orchestra.

Director, Dramaturge Alexandr Legchakov

Visual concept Polina Bakhtina

Choreographer Oleg Glushkov

Costume Asya Solovieva

Technical Director Denis Mayboroda

The Main Video Engineer Alan Mandelshtam

Lighting Designer Anton Astahov

Prop Design Ana Kucherova

Makeup Tatiana Sorokina

Chief Sound Engineer Alexander Demsky

Sound Producer Nikola Melnikov Fedor Biruchev Musical
Second Director Asya Chashinskaya

Director And Principal Conductor: Andrei Rein

Artistic Director Of Orchestra: Leonid Sivelkin

Conductor: Nikolai Tsinman Choral

Director: Andrei Mitrokhov

Concertmaster Yevgenia Solunskaya

Sound Engineer Andrey Shklyaev Arseny Sukhinin Tara Moskalets

Designer Maria Zaitseva Nika Dundua

Video Engineer Dmitry Egorov Requisitor Kristina Nesmiyanova

Engineer Vlad Sukhorukov

Producer Alexei Lysov Andrei Ispovednikov Vlad Davydov

Executive Producer Elizaveta Ovchinnikova Maria Pashchenko

Privy Council Anna Luka Pr Zhanna Garber

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